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How a FAQ page can boost your business

Tegan Mathews

FAQ pages are fast becoming the next page users click to after landing on your Home page and, if written well, they can contribute to increases in your conversion rates and consequently your bottom line.

FAQ’s create an overview of your business, products/services and a feel for who you are and what you are like to deal with. Having well-written answers to highly searched questions can also contribute immensely to your SEO rankings and showing that you care about your clients challenges and needs will place you above the competition.

Here are seven other reasons you need to have a FAQ page on your website and how it can help you to grow your business.

1. Reduce time-wasters

By supplying answers to the same questions you get asked every call, it will minimise those annoying calls and emails that are just “checking you out” and aren’t ready to buy from you yet. They are just starting their research and are looking for answers but by providing them with those answers, when they are ready to buy they will think of you.

2. Missed opportunities

Those people that you are missing out on who don’t have time or cant be bothered calling to ask you questions, and just really want to know what you do, quickly, easily and without wading through pages of content, can now read the answers on your site (so don’t make them too long winded) at any time of the day or night and move to the next stage of buying sooner and that will be from you because you were so helpful in providing them with what they wanted at the time.

3. Minimise potential issues

It’s a great place to put your “fine print” as in your rules and regulations, your policies, what is expected from the customer and what you actually provide but instead of wording it in scary legal terms like you should have in your contracts, it is a friendlier way to put your information across and it minimises the potential “I didn’t know that” issues.

4. Be the expert of your industry

By adding questions that are relative to your industry, provide practical solutions and address common concerns, can position you as the expert of your industry in the eyes of the potential customer, especially if your competition doesn’t have a FAQ page and this leads to higher conversion rates. It shows that you truly understand your customers, their needs and their challenges so don’t try and ‘sell’ to them, just be of help.

5. Get seen by Google

Great content is king when it comes to ranking in Google and having a FAQ page can contribute to those rankings substantially. When it comes to writing the actual questions, think about what a potential customer would type into Google and make that your question. When it comes to the answers I don’t suggest that you write the answers to your questions entirely focusing on keywords, instead, be yourself and write as you would naturally say it to a customer and this ‘organic’ approach will be music to the ears of the Google spiders. Keep it concise and to the point too…don’t babble on. No one has time for that.

6. Overcome objections

The FAQ page of your website is a great place to handle common objections. Those questions that you know your customers are thinking but may never say such as “why are you more expensive” or “what’s so different about you and the service you provide”. Put these questions up there on your page and answer them honestly and when that client calls you they will be an even more qualified lead because their objections have already been handled.

7. A call to action

Like almost every page on your website, there MUST be a call to action after your FAQ’s or better still, throughout. What is the point of answering the questions if you don’t then ask the reader, are you ready to take the next step. Make it easy for them by telling them what they should do next and watch your conversion rates increase.


Where you can, link a relative point in your one or more of your FAQs through to other pages on your website as Google loves this plus it keeps your visitor on your site for longer and provides them with more information about you.

Tegan Mathews

Tegan has over twenty years experience in sales & marketing both nationally and internationally and the founder of several businesses, her first at the age of 14.

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