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The Blue Dog Founders Story

Blue Dog Websites is the creation of Clark, Kristie, and Tegan who wanted to provide an effective solution for small business owners to give them a professional online presence WITHOUT THE TECH HEADACHES. Something that was easy to use, affordable and empowered them with the knowledge and control they needed to use their website to grow their businesses.

Tegan was told several times by industry experts that you "Can't have quality, competitive pricing, AND fast delivery" and her answer to that was "Why not! Small Business owners deserve to have all of those things when it comes to their online presence" and that's what they did!


Tegan Mathews

Tegan is responsible for marketing with over twenty years experience in sales & marketing both nationally and internationally and the founder of several businesses.


Clark Marshall

Clark heads the operations side of the business with over twelve years web development experience and prior to that, ten years as an aircraft engineer for Air New Zealand.

Kristie Scarlett - Blue Dog Websites

Kristie Scarlett

Kristie is a software engineer who has worked for a number of financial institutions across Melbourne and San Francisco, among various other projects and clients.

With over fifty years experience between them they bring a mountain of expertise to Blue Dog Websites.

After seeing too many small business owners pour hours, weeks and even months into building their own DIY website only to have it sit and do nothing for their business, either because the business owner didn't know what to do with it next, or they were too embarrassed by the way it looked to show it to anyone. They decided to do something about it.

Testing out the free DIY solutions on the market they realised there was still too much design work that needed to be done in those products and they were missing the important marketing portion which builds lists and converts leads to sales. Plus, they weren't WordPress (the largest website software company in the world).

Hence, Blue Dog Websites was born where all the hard design work has already been done for you by a professional and all you have to do is tweak the text, add your logo and you can turn it into your best sales employee. Plus you get all the training and marketing support you'll ever need to make your website work for you as a member of The Blue Dog Club.

When these three aren’t busy creating new designs or training videos on digital marketing strategies, you'll find them exploring the outer most corners of the world, always seeking that ideal work-life balance as the digital nomads they are.

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Blue Dog Ready-Made Instant
WordPress Websites is for you if:

Blue Dog Ready-Made Instant
WordPress Websites is NOT for you if:

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