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A Complete Website

For Only $299!

A DIY Website You Can Be Proud Of

Low Cost Modern Website

A professional agency designed website for less than it costs you to visit your accountant.

Super Easy To Personalise

It's so easy to change or add anything to your site even your grandmother could do it.

Includes Marketing Training

Learn how to monetise your new website once it's live with free digital marketing training.

Personalise Your Website in Less than 5 Minutes


Professionally Designed

First impressions count. You only have a few seconds to portray a professional image and convince your potential customer you know what you are doing. That's why every Blue Dog Website is designed and built by a team of experts with over twenty years experience in digital marketing & website development. Your new website will impress your potential customers and is customised to your ideal clients needs. You'll be proud to display it as an important part of your company brand.

The Tech Stuff's Done For You

Saving you hours of frustration and learning, your new Blue Dog DIY Website has been completely custom designed to your industry and all the complicated technical configuration has been done for you. All you'll have to do is add your logo, change some of the images if you want to (or use ours), and tweak the text to make it your own. It's super easy and with the Blue Dog DIY support team by your side, you will be ready to go live in no time.


You Are in Control

We believe in empowering small business owners with the knowledge and tools they need to always be in the driver's seat. That's why your Blue Dog DIY Website is your very own standalone WordPress site that you can make changes to at any time. Controlled by you. It's not a template website or a theme we purchased, nor is it on a shared server or part of our website or marketing. You will never see a bunch of advertisements surrounding your new website and distracting your potential customers. It's all your own and you are in control.

The Bonus Free Training

The Blue Dog DIY free training program is second to none. Not only will you know how to make changes to your site yourself but you'll also learn what to do with your new website once it goes live so that it works for you and your business. There's training on everything from how to add an image to your site or a new blog post, all the way through to email marketing strategies, social media advertising and SEO (without ever having to touch a piece of code!) We understand what it's like to run a small business so we've made the training as quick and easy as we possibly could. Each topic is broken down into short training videos you can watch on the go and can refer back to at any time of the day or night.

Are you ready to get started?

The first step is to choose your design

Here's What You Get in Your

Blue Dog DIY Website

Professional Design

Each website has already been completely designed by our team of professional graphic designers so that you don't have to. 

Easy DIY Editing

Simple and intuitive on page editing. If you can use word you can easily use this. Master your website in just a few minutes. 

Built on WordPress

Built on the world's most popular website platform your new website is a WordPress website.

Database Capture

Building a database is imperative to the success of every online business. Capture leads automatically from your website and build your own database.

Images Optimised

All of your images will automatically be re-sized to ensure they don't slow down your site.


SEO Optimised

Your new website comes with the latest, easy to use, SEO tools and training to enable you to optimise every page. 

Customised Pages

The pages in your new website have been developed by our marketing experts with your ideal client in mind. 

Mobile Responsive

Being mobile responsive means your new website is phone and tablet friendly.

Social Media Links

Your website comes ready to link to all the popular social media platforms and we teach you how to do it quickly and easily.

Configured Blog

Be seen as the expert in your industry. Your blog post page will enable you to do that and connect to your target market. 

Are you ready to get started?

The first step is to choose your design

Blue Dog DIY Website Designs

Choose the website that best suits your business from our range of customised designs and get started today

Client Reviews

What People Say about Blue Dog DIY Websites

"I love Blue Dog DIY Websites. It was so easy to use and I had my website up and working within a couple of days. I never thought that I could create something that looks so good and makes my business look good too. The training videos are great and they make it easy to add things whenever I want to."

Nancy Hall
Creative Organising

"When I started with Blue Dog DIY Websites I was initially a bit concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do it because I am technically challenged. But once I got started on the program, it took me through everything so easily and now I feel really confident and have even been able to help some of my friends."

Kylie Morris
Kylies Nails

"As a start up I didn’t have a lot of cash and so I was glad to find Blue Dog DIY Websites. I am pleased to say that now I have a website that I am happy to show my customers and I still cant believe I did it myself plus it has all the bells and whistles I need to grow my business. Great product."

John Neeson
Coastal Plumbing

Are you ready to get started?

The first step is to choose your design

Our Mission is to provide small business owners with the best DIY website solution possible. A website that's been designed professionally, is cost effective and they can control themselves. Together with the knowledge and support to know how to make it generate income once it goes live. A DIY website solution that they can be proud of.

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