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Adding an eCommerce shopping cart into your website provides you with the opportunity to sell products while you sleep

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Everything You Need to Create a Beautiful Online Store



Unlimited products

Easy to use store builder

Customisable design

Products pre-loaded


Accept all payment types

Secure payment gateway

SSL Certificate setup*

Fixed & custom shipping


Full customer support

Training videos & tutorials

Private Facebook support group

1:1 Strategy session


SEO & mobile responsive

Social media & email marketing links

Google analytics & sales statistics

Full training & support

Choose a package - upgrade as you grow

Any one of these products can be added to your WordPress website


Sell 1-5 individual digital products e.g. ebook

Using button linked to Paypal or Stripe

First product pre-loaded for you

Woocommerce Basic Setup

Manual product delivery (no automation)

Integrates with DIY sales funnel product

No shipping option

Training video included

* Available for WordPress Websites Only

Woocommerce Setup

Unlimited products

Up to five products pre-loaded

Easy to use content management system

Links to Payment Gateway e.g. Paypal, Stripe

SSL certificate (if Blue Dog Club Member)

One single flat rate shipping sitewide

Can link to Mailchimp or Active Campaign

Integrates with our sales funnel products

Training videos and tutorials

1 x 30min 1:1 strategy/support/training call

* Available for WordPress Websites Only

Complete Woocommerce Setup

Unlimited products

Up to ten products pre-loaded

Easy to use content management system

Payment Gateway configuration

SSL certificate (if Blue Dog Club Member)

Can link to Mailchimp or Active Campaign

Custom shipping calculator

Training videos and tutorials

2 x 30 minute 1:1 strategy/support/training calls

* Available for WordPress Websites Only

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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a question that isn't answered here please get in touch with us

Which package should I choose?

Choosing the right place to start with ecommerce can be overwhelming. We recommend the DIY Package if you only have one or two products.

For example you might be getting your book published and want to sell it through your website, or you might have an ebook. This package is easy to use for that sort of thing and can be easily linked through directly to your Paypal or Stripe account.

If you have a few digital products e.g. a book, a couple of e-books, an e-course etc then the Digital Products Package would suit you better as it is a proper shopping cart option and enables you to have a list of products that you can continue to add to as your business grows. 

The Automated Package is best recommended for those who have retail products because it includes shipping setup OR who want to link their payments through with their email marketing campaigns and have sales occurring while they sleep. 

If you still aren't sure and need some help to decide then book a no-obligation call with one of our consultants to discuss it further. Click here to book a time.

Can I upgrade at any time?

Absolutely! All of these packages are designed to work with any of our Websites and most WordPress websites. As your business grows you can scale up your website with what it needs.

Are there any additional costs?

When you have an ecommerce store on your website, this usually means you will be attracting more traffic because you are wanting to sell more products. The more traffic you have on your site, the more space on the server it uses.

Also, there are a lot more moving parts to an ecommerce website and therefore when you have ecommerce added to your Blue Dog Website you will have more questions for our support team each month, plus there are more plugins and software for our team to update and manage for you.

Therefore, with each of the ecommerce packages there is an addition to your monthly Blue Dog Club membership to cover this. 

Also, to sell a product from your website you will need an SSL certificate. If you are a Blue Dog Club member and have a Blue Dog Website then these SSL certificates are free but some hosting companies do charge for these. Therefore, if you are hosting your site elsewhere then you would need to contact your hosting company for the pricing for that.

Plus, Blue Dog Websites uses Woocommerce for ecommerce and therefore, depending on the functionality you want within your store, if this is outside the standard Woocommerce setup Blue Dog Websites offers, there will be additional charges to set this functionality up for you.

The Blue Dog Websites ecommerce products are designed to expand with your business as it grows and therefore can integrate with an email marketing CRM, the Blue Dog Websites Sales Funnel Products, Blue Dog Memberships, and so much more. These are all additional to the ecommerce options here on this page and some automation functionality requires you to have additional software and plugins, for example, an email marketing CRM to integrate with the shopping cart. (We recommend Active Campaign which currently costs $9/month but this price can change at any time.)

How long does it take before I can start selling?

All of the packages can be added to your website within 1-3 working days depending which package you choose but only if once we have received all the details we need. your accounts (set up prior) i.e. Paypal, Stripe, Active Campaign, SSL certificate etc and if we are provided with the correct product descriptions and images.

For example your Paypal, Stripe, Active Campaign, account information, your SSL certificate (if you aren't a Blue Dog Club member) and all of the correct product descriptions and images.

The Automated Package may require two extra days to tweak the shipping settings.

Once you have these packages set up on your website you can start selling straight away.

Does this price include training and support?

Each package comes with its own training videos and tutorials and a 1:1 call* with one of our experienced team members. (*Except for the DIY Package)

If you currently a Blue Dog Club member then all of your ongoing support is included in that membership.

If you have your website looked after under one of the Blue Dog Digital Marketing Go Live and Thrive packages then ongoing support is also included in that monthly package.

If you have your own WordPress website hosted elsewhere then you will have access to the relevant training videos and tutorials for a period of one month, and have the 1:1 call but any further assistance will be at our standard support rate of US$78 per hour.

Need some help to decide?

Book a complimentary call with one of our consultants to discuss which option would work best for your needs