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[CLARK-IF-I-CA-TION] noun - the occurrence of having your website tweaked to look like a three thousand dollar website

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What is Clarkification for your website?

For those who don't know him, Clark Marshall is an expert web developer and designer with over thirteen years experience creating websites for clients. He is also one of the founders of Blue Dog Websites - the ready-made INSTANT WordPress Websites.

If you have had the opportunity to work with Clark on your website you will probably agree with us that he is a humble man of his wealth of knowledge and experience.

Something we have recognised he has as a gift is his ability to take a website the team thinks is a great website and turn it into one that makes you gasp and say "WOW"

So, because we want your clients to love your new website, even more, we wanted to give you the opportunity to experience the Clarkification for yourself.


How does Clarkification work?

Once you've added all your content to your new website and submitted it to "Go Live", if you choose to have Clarkification done on your website you won't notice huge changes, just an overall sense of WOW.:

Clark will spend up to 10 hours making tweaks to your website such as:

  • Adding a touch of colour here
  • Changing a background colour there
  • Adding spaces where needed
  • Changing image sizes to look better
  • And lots more...

He won't change the essence of your website, just tidy it up using his extensive experience so that it is more pleasing and enjoyable for your potential customers to visit, which means they will stay on your website longer and ultimately convert more easily.


Ready to have your website Clarkification?

Turn your already great looking website into one that makes your clients go WOW


Examples of Clark's Work



Home Page - 1



Client Feedback

"I thought my website looked ok before Clark went over it but when I got it back it looked like a million bucks and I am so much more confident showing it to people now"


Airport Storage





Client Feedback

"Thanks so much Clark for smartening up our website. We have already noticed an increase in customers and it happened almost straight away so I can only attribute it to what you did."

Who is Clark Marshall

Clark Marshall - Blue Dog Websites


  • 13+ years website development
  • 10+ years aircraft engineer
  • WP Elevation certified
  • Certified DM consultant
  • Research specialist
  • Blue Dog founder


  • I'm just a pretty laid back and easy going type of person
  • Happy to provide the help and guidance clients need to get their websites and tech issues handled
  • If I don't know how to do something or solve a problem I will always go away and research it


  • "Clark is always so helpful and generous with his time and knowledge". - M. Harris
  • "You never make me feel stupid for what I don't know, which makes it easier to learn what I need to." - Deb Bailey
  • "I feel so much better now and more in control of my website. Thank you!" - Christina Harbridge

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