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Stop Stressing About the GDPR

Blue Dog Blogs - Stop Stressing About the GDPR

Hey, We have just landed in London and ironically on the very day the GDPR comes into play and yes, it’s raining. But it is supposed to get up to 21 degrees today! Woohoo 🙂 Your inbox, like ours, is probably full of emails from every company you’ve ever subscribed to over the past ten…

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Search engines are not the enemy

Tegan Marshall Blue Dog Blog image for search engines are not the enemy

Usually when a client asks us for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) advice they start with, “I know I need SEO but…” and then proceed to share their “reasons” why they have avoided it previously at all costs. But SEO and search engines are not the enemy that everyone thinks they are. Sure, their concerns seem…

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Overcoming Digital Overwhelm

Tegan Marshall Blue Dog Blog - Man happy to be overcoming digital overwhelm

Most people in small business these days find digital marketing completely overwhelming. That’s understandable! There’s just so much information out there that we are constantly being bombarded with and it’s difficult to know what to do, when or how. This article gives you five steps on overcoming digital overwhelm and a foundation to launch your…

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How to write your first ebook

Blue Dog Websites Blog on how to write your first ebook by Tegan Mathews

Write an ebook to give away in your business they say. It will be easy they say…Building a database of leads is one of THE MOST important things you can do for your business because then you have a list of people who are your target market you can build a relationship with and ultimately…

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The art of making friends with Google

Blue Dog Websites Blog on Making friends with Google

Every business wants to be on the first page of Google in their industry and everyone is always looking for the “magic pill” that will make it happen. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works! In fact, if someone promises you something that seems like an easy answer, run! Before you end up on Google’s blacklist…

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How to offer discounts and avoid resentment afterwards

Blue Dog Websites Blog How to offer discounts and avoid resentment

Who can remember a time when they really wanted to close a sale and the “reason” given as to why your customer wasn’t going to buy right now was because they can’t afford it? So, you discounted your price and then regretted it almost immediately. Here’s how I recommend you offer discounts and avoid resentment…

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3 ways to get website traffic that wont cost a cent

Blue Dog Websites Blog on How to get website traffic without spending a cent

Your website has gone live. Yay! And you’re feeling really proud of yourself (and rightfully so) for achieving that milestone. Problem is, you don’t have any customers. And, you don’t have a list to market to yet. And your advertising budget is, well, non-existent. But don’t worry, it’s not all bad news. You do have…

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The hidden opportunities of Facebook Groups

Blue Dog Websites Blog on How to use Facebook Groups

You will hear it often, the voice of the frustrated business owner who has tried to use Facebook. They attempted to grow their business with it and failed miserably because they got lost in the noise. Yes, Facebook is now overrun with advertisements and it is difficult to be ‘seen’ but it is still the…

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Why you should use a cloud based email

We are constantly coming across people with email issues and especially those using systems such as Outlook. So I decided to write an article to explain why you should use a cloud based email. When we tell people who have been using Outlook for the past ten years that they need to change to Gmail…

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Writing website content that works

Writing website content that works is the most difficult part of the website process and can substantially slow down or halt the website build for days, months or even years. It’s difficult because you are writing about yourself, need to make it compelling to your website visitor, and Google friendly so that you are found.…

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